We live in a world awash with data.

Yet brands are starved for insights. As a data technology company, we decided
to find out why.


Why operate in silos of information?


Why not make the 1:1 connection?


Why spend in the blind?

The answer turned out to be simple: 
Most marketing platforms are hung up on the mechanics and leave you to figure out the rest. Analytics?
An afterthought.

Hey. In a data-driven world, campaign deployment alone doesn’t cut it. That’s why we built something different: The world’s first integrated marketing and analytics platform.

For journeys, not funnels. Predictions, not post mortems. For every campaign, every channel, every big, hairy goal: Smartify powers marketing that works.

The Results

976% boost in social conversions for a major CPG brand:
103% lift from social for a Fortune 500 retailer:
74% survey opt-in rate for an entertainment juggernaut:

And we can do it for you.

Need more customers, now? Want to perk up an aging loyalty program? Looking to crack the Millennial code?

Whatever your mission, Smartify powers results.