What the Red Cross, The Voice, and Twitter Have in Common (It’s Not What You Think)

What the Red Cross, The Voice, and Twitter Have in Common (It’s Not What You Think)

Quiz: What makes the following possible? 

The Red Cross saves lives caught in the path of a tornado.

Twitter brings a partner, Gnip, in house in order to better understand its “Firehose,” or live tweet stream.

Microsoft predicts who will win The Voice.

Answer: Social data.

Whether inspiring, important, or simply entertaining, social data is revolutionizing how we live – and how we do business.

Brands that use the right tools to unlock their social data make informed segmentation decisions. They share the right content, at the right time, with the right people. They connect directly with their best fans, converting them into the most loyal customers.

Consider the case of MGM, which credits social data with a 300% increase in revenues in just 3 years.

So, what can your social data do for you? The short answer: Everything.

Need more customers now? Or maybe just better insights into the loyal customers you already have? You need social data that’s integrated.

Feed your social data into Smartify’s intelligent marketing engine, and transform disconnected silos of information into unified profiles. (Now. No IT required.)

Give us two weeks, and we’ll show you what a unified customer profile looks like from start to finish, straight to your bottom line.

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