What Converts Best: Facebook, Email, or Mobile?

What Converts Best: Facebook, Email, or Mobile?

Trick question, we admit.

Take Jane. Jane’s friend texts her about a great running shoe. Jane looks up the shoe on her smartphone, likes it – and is interrupted by another text. She forgets all about the shoes until she’s at work the next morning. She Googles the shoes from her desktop and buys. Tom, the marketing director at the shoe company, counts Jane as a direct web conversion. With seemingly lackluster sales on mobile, Tom’s boss cuts his budget. (So much for that responsive design overhaul.)

Misinformed? Of course.

A a realistic story? If you’re nodding your head, you know that too many brands take a pat look at silos of data and make strategic decisions in the blind.

What about you?

Data is deceptive when it’s disconnected. Engagement isn’t a one time thing: It’s essential for you to know your customer’s entire journey with a unified profile that gets better over time. (It’s called engagement for a reason. This is a serious relationship.)

Smartify’s intelligent marketing engine connects the dots, revealing real information and delivering true insights. Jane the two dimensional stick figure becomes Jane the dynamic human being, with a rich range of preferences, influences, habits, and motivations. The Smartify platform activates and automates every mile of Jane’s journey – across loyalty, promotions, social, content and more. The result is conversions that are exponentially better than the average – on every channel, not just one.

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